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What is Deregulation?

Do you find yourself asking, “What is Deregulation, and what does it mean for me?” Legislatures and the public utility commissions of many states have opened retail competition for electricity and natural gas supply. The measures allow consumers of electricity and natural gas to choose their supplier (generation) while the delivery of the energy (transmission and distribution) will still be the responsibility of the incumbent (regulated) power company.

Consumers now have the power to choose an electricity or natural gas supplier of their own liking. The single most important consideration in this new deregulated market is that there are material differences between the various electricity and natural gas supply products offered by the competitive service providers and especially vs. the standard offering made by the incumbent utility from which you have purchased energy historically.
XIT is a full service energy brokerage firm that services a wide variety of customers. Our customers include small offices, non‐profits, restaurants, convenience stores, industrial and large manufacturing facilities. From one meter to one thousand, we are capable of finding the optimum solution for your company's needs.
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